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Image Source: NASA/Public Domain

So it’s official, the Survival Pod Kickstarter Project went live a little after 9 A.M. this morning.

In many ways I am relieved. It’s out of my hands now.

Yes, I still have to promote it and maintain the Facebook Fan Page but beyond that, it’s really a matter of hoping all the hard work and endless hours I have put into this pays off.

I literally sit at this desk almost everyday; sometimes for over ten hours a day, working on something involving with Survival Pod. In the last two years I have taught myself the basics of being a graphic artist, a self-promoter ( which is totally not in my nature), blogger, and successful published writer while trying to be the best father, partner, and friend I can be to those around me.I will admit that I failed in that last aspect. I could have been a much better father, friend, and partner to all in involved.

I’m only human. A severely flawed human at that. So, I can honestly say I did the best I could on all counts.

Win or lose, I gave it what I had and this is what I got out of it.

If you look in the top left hand corner of the blog you will see a beautiful rendition of the cover for Survival Pod Issue 1.

( Pretty ain’t it? That’s one of mine! )

Click on it. Take a look. See what you think.

You like? Then spread your wallet and the word my friends!Upon the edges of your raven’s wings, carry forth the message of Survival Pod and its quest to become published on December 21, 2012.

Be the herald in your town or village! Spread the word of glad tidings, “C.David Apgar comes and brings us the word of Survival Pod! Rally the troops to slay the awful dragon; Copy Editor Costs, so we can be showered in the greatness of his words come December 21, 2012!”Or something like that : )

Thanks for sticking with me folks. Remember, this is just the first hill on this roller-coaster. There is plenty of ride left to go!