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Wow…I totally underestimated the amount of time I would be spending in the digital rabbit hole. With the exception of a brief outing to the MCBA’s Fallcon Comic Book Party; which was moved this year to the Education building on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, I have been stuck in digital editing hell since friday.

As far as the one day comic book festival, I was pleasantly surprised by the event after last year’s claustrophobic environment. The Education building was just the right size for the number of patrons while maintaining a healthy mix of the traditional hucksters, comic book dealers and assorted artists/writers/creators. There wasn’t nearly the number of cos-player attending this year, probably due to the cramped quarters last year. Hopefully, word will spread about the new venue and those scared away will give it another chance in 2013.

The party can start now that Al is in the house to win over Arkham’s Finest!

After wandering about for an hour; you know, pressing the flesh, meeting some new artists and writers, I managed to hide a few buck from Al and grabbed a new Warren Ellis book along with a copy of Sam Kieth’s Arkham Asylum Madness.

A.A.M! Talk about a great purchase. What an amazing way to look at the world of Arkham! The best thing about this story, it was just waiting for someone to pick it up and run with it.

Sam Kieth’s “Arkham Asylum Madness”

I mean, (Spoilers) come on! Why hadn’t someone thought of what life must be like for the ordinary folks having to face off with the deep dark nasties hidden within Arkham’s walls? The art and story merged beautifully, bringing a macabre’ surrealistic twist to these perfectly ordinary people dealing with an unbelievably disturbing and dangerous profession.

I have to wonder whether Mr. Kieth watched the “worst of” episodes on every prison based reality TV show to come up with his honest feeling Arkham or does that dark world actually reside only in his head.

I hope it all resides in his head…It makes him more interesting : )

Update on the other projects:

The Kickstarter Project has been live for almost a week and is more than a quarter of the way to its goal. Thank you to everyone out there taking the time to spread the word and make this happen.

The Survival Pod FaceBook Fan Page and Website are both up and running but currently under construction. There isn’t much content but everything you ever wanted to know about Survival Pod is up to date there.

Well I’ve been free of the rabbit hole for too long. Back to work…I’m late for Tea!!!