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No excuses.

I have not felt like writing recently.

No that’s not exactly right. I haven’t felt like being social with the world recently and in a lot of ways this is how I socially interact with the world in the winter and spring.

Till the snow disappears, I am terrible company.

Image Source: Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings Thames Television (1976)

Image Source:
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings
Thames Television (1976)

Yes, I participate in the Facebook and Twitter universes but they are almost instantaneous things I can access via my iPhone. They really require no thought.

To put together a post on this blog I actually have to sit down to work, and now-a-days, pulling that laptop out just makes my stomach churn.

It’s mid-April and much like everything else involved with the book, finishing it off has taken three times longer than expected. I have taken the setbacks hard and that has ground my confidence to dust.

Mind you, I haven’t given up. Survival Pod: Issue One is in the hands of one of my key test readers. This is the last step before release, and one of the stories; 5123, is being sent off to compete in the Revolver writing contest: ANTE UP!!! at the end of the month.


So despite all the setbacks I am still moving forward. Even slow progress is still progress, right?

On a truly positive note: Originally, I was a bit disappointed by having to cut back the initial
Survival Pod release. But in hindsight, I made the right choice. The line up for Issue Two looks so much better now.

When it is ready for release, I think Issue Two will be far more diverse than Issue One in the eccentric nature of the tales involved. I think the readers should like both but I got some really crazy shit in the works for Issue Two : )

So, that’s the update from my frozen little part of the world. Time to toss another kilo on the fire, turn on some RuPaul’s Drag Race on Netflix, and enjoy my weekend.

Image Source: IGN.com

Image Source:

Hope you enjoy yours : )