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Image Source: AnnieInfinite.com

Image Source: AnnieInfinite.com

Christmas is always a time of great trepidation and strife ’round the ol’ homestead.

B and I have a tendency to stress each other out to the absolute limits during the holiday season and generally it has a lot to do with the build up to Christmas. See, neither of us came from wealthy backgrounds; both of us growing up in true blue collar, steel belted homes where the money was always tight but the holidays were bountiful.

As a child, one does not think of the planning, preparation or expense that goes along with making a Christmas “Merry”. And why should they? This holiday is supposed to be about supreme joy, regardless of religious affiliation. We as a species made it through another year speeding through the universe; overcoming all obstacles that stood in our path and these holidays are suppose to reflect the happiness that comes with surviving.

So, despite the fact that both of us combined make less than any of our parents made at our age, B and I go out of our way to provide the best possible Holiday for our kids that we can. Generally this taps us out financially, which creates tension, which creates stress, which leads to drama. (We are both very good at drama…)

Add in the tension of the books coming back from the editor for final edit and prep for release in January…

Image Source: Cheezburger.com

Image Source: Cheezburger.com

I am wound tighter than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

This having been said…I am going to bury my head in my editing project and wait out the apocalypse or the holidays, which ever one comes first.

So to all you out there: Have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS or a quick Roasty-Toasty End of Days!

Either way, talk to you on January 1st 2013!