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It’s November.

Time of the great Nanowrimo challenge (which I unfortunately do not have time to participate in this year but still wholeheartedly support), snow in Minneapolis, and pumpkin pie. It is fitting that this time of change be the moment I walk away from Survival Pod Issues One & Two; leaving them securely in the care of a skilled and fair editor to do her magic on.

In some cases, the stories in these books have been edited and re-written five or more times before hitting her desk, so I believe in the final quality of my work. A year’s worth of tension dynamically released from my body as I handed off my work, exchanged signatures on the contract and passed over a check to pay for editorial services.

It wasn’t until I was on my way home, that the inner critic woke up; screaming deep from my sub-conscious mind, its animalistic tone echoing through the darkest corridors of my brain, “Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Having now had over twenty hours of rest and reflection, I have banished the inner critic back to his dungeon and am prepared to move on. I find that the distraction from the website, blog, and twitter accounts are still a bit overwhelming at times but nothing I can’t handle.

I finally feel like I can get back to creating. Not just doing stuff to push the books or the website, but actual writing.

Image source: George Hodan

I’m energized to be able to concentrate on new stories. Having had a lot of time over the last three months; since starting the process of financing and editing Issues 1 & 2, to think about where I want to take the next two books, I don’t foresee any changes in the basic format.

Short stories are definitely where I’m the most creative.

It’s the content I want to mix up with the next two books. I want to be more imaginative, stretch my creative legs and take on new challenges. is there a fantasy tale in there? Espionage? A thriller or cheese ball horror story?

I have no idea. There are some candidates but no fixed or firm outline of the stories to tell. This will happen naturally; just like the first two books, and when they are done, I will turn the page.

Theoretical Upcoming Projects:

Image Source: Junior Libby

Possible podcasting opportunities…

Maybe revisit the idea of Graphic Novels and or a short film adaptations (nothing big, perhaps some local stuff with the local arts community here in the T.C.)

Survival Pod: Transmissions from the Void will be opening for Submissions in the Fall of 2013. This will be my first editorial work of note, as I will only contribute one of the twelve stories destined for its pages.

Minnesota writers keep an eye on Survivalpod.com for the exact opening date, special interest will be paid to local writers. There are too many local artists going unrecognized. That deserve a shot just as much as anyone else, so I’m gonna do just that.

Well that’s enough for today…From my snow sprinkled home here in Minneapolis; the Heartbeat of the Midwest, I bid you good day!

I’m off to a night of table-top gaming with the family, high on the hope of not coming in last! We will see how long it takes to kill that : )

Oh and don’t forget!

Even if you have already given to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, dig a little deeper so we can help these poor people before the winter truly sets in on them.

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