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I love Halloween.

Do not mistake me for other Halloween fans. I’m not a haunted house, going on a hay ride kinda Halloween guy.

I’m a celebrate all month long, watch terrible golden age sci-fi/horror films every chance I get, eat all my daughter’s Snickers fun sized candy bars before she notices, Rob Zombie blaring three hundred sixty five days a year kinda Halloween guy.

If I’m not wearing black of some kind, there is something wrong or the laundry has really backed up in my house. From the moment the first chill hits the air I swaddle deep in the folds of a beat up Jack Skellington hoodie and don’t come out till the temperature rises above seventy.

I really love Halloween.

This year is extra special, as my greatest hope and fears begin to unfold like a Cenobite cube right before my eyes. Any moment I expect Pinhead to pop out and drag me to the depths of hell just for playing with the cube and hoping for a positive outcome.

Despite my irrational fears about Cenobites punishing me for trying to get published, the Kickstarter Project continues on. Having now reached the half way point in both time and backing, I was inspired by all those who have taken their time and hard earned cash to keep this project going.

So as a special Halloween gift, I wrote “Rewarded”.

Yes. The master would be pissed. I am nowhere near the wordsmith but I think his voice comes out easily in this little three page kiss. Besides it was fun pretending to be him if only for a moment.

So if you are interested and want to read a hastily edited but very free version of one of my stories, please click on the link, the picture above, or on the home page.

All it costs is a tweet or facebook like : )

Trick or Treat? You decide.

Either way know this…

I Really Love Halloween : )