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Don’t you hate it when you know exactly what you are supposed to be doing and still can’t figure out the correct path to success?

For the last two weeks I have been locked in an intellectual death match with this Kickstarter project and for a long time I really though it was going to take me down like Russell Crowe in Gladiator. From movie editing software that wouldn’t do what I needed to a shaky, lazy idea for the two minute video, I just couldn’t figure out why my every effort on this project ended in failure.

It wasn’t until I sat down and really thought about what I was doing did I figure out the answer.

I am frustrated and allowing that frustration to affect my enthusiasm for this part of the process. This part is just as important as the actual writing and I was not approaching it with the same attitude I did the creation process.

There are cool parts to putting the Kickstarter project together that I was just not seeing it because of my desperate need to get funding for the copy editor. That worry leads to bad decision making and procrastination, which holds back the natural flow of the process, which in turn feed my frustration.

It’s a classic Piscean flaw, constantly chasing the tail of the fish in front of me instead of finding the peace in where I am at. So I relaxed, thinking about my problem with an open mind without all the added pressure and it came to me.

Within a day I had a new concept, the soundtrack, the pledge reward level list and am almost through with the new updated script. It is so easy to let a swarm of ideas and positive actions to become a detriment if you fall back on the “old ways”.

This whole process has become like a living machine, a machine that is just as happy to sit breathing great gusts of steam as it is running full out on the open prairie. It only move smoothly when I allow it to.

If I let mental obstacles get in the way, it’s like hitting a cow with a train at fifty miles an hour without a cow catcher; all that is left is a huge mass of burning iron and flesh smeared across the landscape for miles.

So back on track, hope to have the video filmed, edited and posted on Kickstarter by sometime next week. Believe me readers you will be the first to know : )

By the way if you are wondering about those awesome reward for being a beloved patron of the arts on kickstarter, what do you think of this?