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I know, I know…I have become really sporadic on the blogging front. I make no excuses but in the face of this much awesome can you really stay mad at me?

To be honest, there really hasn’t been much to blog about recently.

S.P. is in a holding pattern while I figure out this whole funding thing. Wrote out a script for the Kickstarter project and spent like 4 hours trying to film it before I gave up.

I am so not a video person; my voices is a gravely, smoke filled mess with a touch of the south I can never seem to shake (not that I want to either), and my physical presence, well…we won’t delve into that particular snarl of personal insecurity issues.

So I am currently figuring out how to produce that; maybe I’ll overlay a voice track of my smooth southern tones on clips of my cat tearing ass around the house, I could use the cute value for sure : )

Have been playing around with new stories in my head for S.P. Issues 3 & 4. Am really relieved to find the creating machine is still boiling down in my gut after the last round of editing but feel guilty about trying to move on with the next two projects when Issues 1 & 2 are waiting for final edit and release.

On a positive note, am considering producing a mini-artwork book with the illustrations from S.P. Issues 1 & 2. Don’t know if I will pull a limited run for Kickstarter patrons or full release…guess I will have to run it past some of my artistically inclined friends and see what they think.

See, told you I didn’t have much to say but I didn’t want anyone to think I had forgotten them…