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So here it is, saturday night, the last week of my summer (my amazing daughter returns from her yearly grandparent vacation next Friday) and what am I doing? Avoiding the last six pages on the third draft of S.P. (my book for the newbies in the audience.)

I just can’t bring myself to finish it.

Yes, it has everything to do with the commitment I made to pass along my manuscript to a copy editor after the third draft; but as I have said many times before, realization does not in any way stop a problem.

Finding a copy editor; as it turns out, was easier than I thought. One of the wonderful people I met at Convergence this year; Mrs. Lex Larson, was actually looking to stretch her creative legs and offered her copy editing services. The price is right, she is an intelligent lady who gets it, and I am more than happy to have her on board…

Once I pay for her irreplaceable editing skills.

I am really nervous about the Kickstarter project. I know this has become a reoccurring topic on the blog but since the whole process is on hold till this next step is complete, it is completely relevant to my creative process.

My beautiful daughter Alexandra; who is an excitable ten years old, will be heading home from her grandparents in less than a week and to be honest, I wanted to have all of the creative/editing/funding parts of the project done before she got home. Do not get me wrong, Alex is in no way a detriment to my creative process but the stress involved with making this all work is not something she should have to deal with.

Al is my heart and soul and to be honest if not for her I would have given up on this dream a long time ago. I want to leave her a legacy, something she can be proud of.

If this all works out the way I want it to, within the next ten years I will have helped to create a brand name that exemplifies the very best writing out there; not just in the mid-west but the world. I want to expand my creative horizons by not only writing but by producing and directing a plethora of comics, short story collections, animation and film.

I want to take my successes and open my hands to all those other struggling sci-fi/fantasy writers, artists, and film makers out there in the world and say, “Come stand under my banner, there is a place for you here. We all have dreams that reach to the sky and far beyond, each and every one of which is realistically within our grasp if we just work together.”

And then I want to sell it all to Kevin Smith and Smodco, take the money, and start over again. That way I can be business partners with the Garden State Guru and grow as an artist, person, buisness man, philanthropic creature and most importantly as a father. (Already writing the check to pay off Alex’s four years at Harvard in my head)

A guy can have dreams right?

But that first step to completing any of these goals is finishing these last six pages, picking out the right shirt, work up some kind of witty script for my kickstarter video and sitting down to do it.

In the next six days…

I promise I will post links to any outtakes : )