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This has been a difficult week.

On top of the frenetic pace of editing, the list of my “constant sorrow” this week has been fairly long…

From maniacal idiots on my tv, the sad news of Sherman Hemsley’s passing, a rogue drought induced mouse invasion of my home, I have had better weeks. (I know two mice do not make an invasion but I detest rodents of any kind! Although I might make an exception for Kodo and Podo from beastmaster…) My cup literally runneth over with crap to stress on.

But guess what? I’m not stressing. I’m doing a little George Jefferson strut; in my underwear no less, to Roy Brown’s “Cadillac Baby” as I celebrate downing Boss number two!

That’s right folks, the second draft of S.P. is complete and although the creepy nervousness of getting close to the finish line dances right in my peripheral vision, today is not a day to let that bother me. Today is a day to dance and be happy.

One more goal down and steaming towards the next!

Have a GREAT day!