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I must not be distracted. Distraction is the mind-killer. Distraction is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will turn my face from distraction. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my distraction is gone I will turn and face the path, and only I will remain.

Yes I totally ripped that off from Dune but it so describes how I feel right now. I am thirty pages away from my ideal page count for the book (250 page short story compilation), twelve pages in on the last story and it doesn’t want to end. It keep throwing me for twists and turns, showing me alternate endings, getting me stuck in a maze of technical drawings and theoretical principles of alternative energy sources, do I kill everybody, do I make him the sheriff; much like this sentence it does not want to end!

All week it has been hassling me. I tried walking away, get some perspective and that only brought me back with further questions. So I went to the Oracles on the mount, seeking inspiration from the traditional sources…

If you can name all of them, then Achievement Unlocked! 200 Geek Points!

All I came away with was this:

Yes I have become distraction’s willing toy. Halo will not load on to my X-Box 360 fast enough, Gimp is making my computer wheeze as I play with pictures, and I just watched Danica Patrick get robbed in Wisconsin but working on that last story…

Not getting done.