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Image by Jake Parker

I am stretched so thin right now.

Finding myself; surprisingly, at the end of the first draft on my book (Maybe three more stories, tops), everything seems to have slowed down, and pushing for the summit is wearing me out. I haven’t been able to make my five pages in over a week and this is the third time in a month I’ve missed my self-set deadline on the blog and this is driving me crazy.

Given the fact that I had my breakdown over the C.P. thing at almost the exact same time my daughter is being spirited away by her grandparents for their traditional summer vacation time, I know it’s the outside stress that is slowing me down and making me doubt my resolve.

Knowing something does not stop the reality of the situation.

It also doesn’t help when friends and family send stuff like this to the aspiring self-published writer:

So I apologize dear readers and ask for a little leeway if over the next couple of weeks I seem a bit distract from the blog or miss my traditional Monday publishing date. My mind is firmly entrenched in book mode and I know the end is right around the corner.

Once I finish the first draft and start on editing/re-writes, I’m sure my mind will want to wonder from the hard work and the blog will be far more interesting. Editing Aggrivation + crazy writer = Funny and/or terribly depressing blog posts.

Till then, it’s back to the salt mines and this damn short story about consciousness swapping/bodily time displacement that came outta nowhere and insists on being finished before I move on to anything else…

Photo by Kaism