So here we are readers, a year has come and gone. Three hundred sixty nine days to be precise.

When I started this blog the point was to chronicle my attempts to become a professional writer from an honest point of view. I tried to not pull any punches, let it all hang out and express this journey in my own voice; all in the hope that it would illuminate my true voice as a writer.

Over the course of the last year, there have been many obstacles. My family has gone without because of my lack of income (I came up nine thousand short of my yearly goal), my hermitness has become a serious impediment to my mental well being and the lack of success was almost suffocating.

However, these are all things I am sure every writer in the world has faced and overcome in their journey to achieve their goals. The fact that my family made it through this year healthy and relatively whole is a blessing.

I have three well written short stories completely finished; (even if they didn’t sell), nine other shorts in the works, a compilation novel on the desktop, two issues of my comic “Wunderlost” storyboarded and waiting for the right artist (the one with the biggest heart, most talent, and cheapest price…Essentially I need the Han Solo of comic artists), along with a new fantasy series that is bubbling out in notes everywhere.

And these are just the projects I can think of as I lay here watching Monday Night Football.


Creatively, on a personal level I have had some success. Professionally, well…It could have gone better but the reality of actually getting paid for what I want to do is a small victory, even if the pay was paltry.

I haven’t had a usable computer for almost two months and have been living through my iPhone; which to be honest has been a serious detriment to my writer juju, effectively shutting down my creative faucet since the beginning of November.

So, initially I was not looking forward to this anniversary post. Not wanting to end the year on a negative note, afraid of completely cracking up on the page and spilling a tanker load of dark depressing bile on those that actually take the time to read my ramblings, I intentionally avoided this post for almost a week.

That was until reader DanO decided to send me a comment on this blog. Below is an excerpt of what he had to say:

You also wrote a post that made me feel less alone. I often feel like I’m not accomplishing enough. I know there are other people out there who feel the same; but few people put it into words. Actually, my personal frustration lately has been that most people keep that bullshit facade that they have it all together when ultimately, inside, they’re wrecks. If enough people admitted to it, I’d feel less alone when I’m anxious or depressed (which is often considering I google searched for “maybe I’m not cut out for this line of work”)

Thank you DanO.

You just made this entire year worth it, because that’s what it’s all about, right? If you connect to just one person then you are doing it right.

In my book, that’s a win.