It’s day 7 of the Cannonball Run, how did your weekend go? Did you hit your word counts? Are you feeling it? Is that story that has been romping around in your head for week taking shape on the page?

Generally by the end of the first week the pretenders or those not strong of heart and mind start begin to drop off to the wayside like victims of a death march. If you are still raring and ready to go, then congratulations! You are for real and have what it takes.

Now, however, you need to concentrate and bear down. Week two is an unbelievable difficult week for Nanowrimo. This is when the stress really starts to take its toll and you have tobe like a machine to push it out.

An update on myself, the weekend has passed semi-successfully. Have been fighting with computer issues for almost a month and it is almost impossible to make a blog post without my Mac n’ crash tearing me a new asshole.

So good luck going into this week, hope your great dreams take shape! As always here are some some sage words of advice from the net for your Nanowrimo journey.

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