Yesterday I actually made my word count, and although I was still behind because of technical difficulties on day one, I felt intense satisfaction for completing my goal.

Today…totally different.

I don’t know if it is just an ingrained part of my writing sensibilities but when I woke today and prepared to pick up where I stopped, I took a moment to look at where I left off the night before. Suddenly I got sucked into how terrible my work was and wanted desperately to start editing it.

This is a path of sure failure in Nanowrimo and I know it. For every moment one spends polishing the work from the day before (or typing on his blog about it) this is a moment not spent trying to make word count for that day and that is a cascading effect that eventually brings the whole effort crashing down around you.

This is by far one of my greatest nemeses during Nanowrimo, I am a fanatical about editing.

I hate doing it, never feel as if I’m doing it right, and in the end get caught in this circular loop of correction and self-loathing. Many a good story have fallen victim to this particular OCD and is one of the biggest reasons I have never finished Nanowrimo.

This year I had a great idea; one that I hoped would help me get past this, and that was the use of DragonDictate on my iPhone. I figured if I just let the story flow out of me naturally, email the transcripts to myself and then blindly add it to my pages document, it would keep me from obsessing on the editing part of the story.

What I didn’t count on is forgetting where I was in the story and having to go back to find out where I was at.

Ooops : )

So I am closing the document now and trying to go back to dictating but the thought still digs at the back of my mind that what I am working on is shit.

I hope that I can get past this.

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