Crack!!! November 1st has arrived and writers everywhere scramble head over foot towards one of the hardest challenges some of them will ever entertain. Nanowrimo is officially on and like so many years in the past I have come downstairs to face the mac monster in my living room with apprehension.

Nanowrimo is not an exercise for the faint of heart. You literally cannot blink in the face of pressure or you will never make it. Fifty thousand words in thirty days is on par with the best of the best in the writing game. Some people struggle to produce fifty thousand written word in a lifetime. My first novel was a little over ninety thousand words and it took ten years of research as well as numerous re-writes and editing just to get it to the crappy stage it currently resides.

In the many years of participating in Nanowrimo, I have been stopped at various points in the month. One year I just sat there and stared at the screen for a whole week trying to decide exactly where to start. Most of the time it is about week two where I loose steam, the words stop flowing and creatively I feel totally spent.

I make no Joe Namath like predictions…I know better and have way too much respect for this competition than to say “I am totally gonna finish this year” or “I am gonna crush Nanowrimo this year!” Hell today alone I have had the power go out in the house and my mac refuses to do anything but start and freeze. I am currently blogging from my daughter’s netbook, which with my giganto hands feels like I am typing on a Fisher-Price toy.

Set backs are to be expected…

Nanowrimo is a dragon each real writer must learn to overcome in their own time. It is this kind of exercise (fifty thousand words in thirty days) that shapes an author from merely scribbling words on paper to actually producing enough real work to make it in an industry where there are a million flies buzzing around the same carcass searching for just a bite to eat.

So on day one, I say, “I want my nibble!!!”