So October is here and I am elated! This is my favorite month of the year; a time where my weirdness blends in with the normality of this particular month and nobody looks at me like the freak I am. Have really tried to go all out with the decorations and keeping my youngest excited about the coming of Halloween, she really is amazing!

On the writing front I have one story out there in the market but the clock is tick-tocking down on the ninety days that Strange Horizon puts on submissions. They say it’s still in consideration, so I haven’t given up hope yet! (Fingers crossed)

Was really inspired by some of Phillip K. Dick’s earlier works The Gun and Behind the Closed Door last week. Published in the mid fifties, so simplistic yet enthralling; it reminded me of everything that galvanized my dreams of being a writer in my youth. The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, classic sci/fi and horror comics, and beat up pulp novels; I honestly want to write like that.

However…looking over my work, I am not writing that way. My dialog twists and turns like a snake, my plots take too much time to introduce and in generally I believe I am making this way more work than it needs to be. So somehow, someway I need to get back to the basics! A strong story with quick, concise dialog and plenty of bang for the readers buck.

On a positive note, this saturday is FallCon weekend here in the T.C.! So like this spring I am going to pack up my messenger bag with a couple of stories & my notepad and head off to the merriment that is a comic book convention. My true hope is that this time I can overcome my social anxiety long enough to start some meaningful conversations with perspective artists as well as comic producers to perhaps pitch my idea for a Twilight Zone style classic sci/fi-horror comic series.

Wish me luck…I’m gonna need it : D