This particular story has now been rejected five times in the last nine months.

It has been rewritten and edited probably ten times and still can’t get it right. At least this time the magazine publisher was nice enough to include some helpful critiques.

Personally; despite the fact that I honestly think it’s the best piece of writing I have ever done, am totally ready to shit can this turd and forget I ever wrote it.

Found below, my latest reject letter (without out all that personal incriminating bits stripped out, like the name and email addy of the publisher):


Unfortunately, your story did not pass the second round of reading, so we must reluctantly release your story.

Thanks again for submitting to us, and we hope to hear from you in the future. Some notes from the readers.

These are provided in the hopes that you will find them useful. All these are no more than the opinions of the readers:

——– Quirky SF. Well written and amusing.

——– this story starts with a big chunk of backstory and no tension.

——– This was quite good. Nice voice, and tone about it. Some good science. A bit long for what it was, could be tightened.

——- Hope that’s of some help, and better luck next time!