What is it about having too much time on one’s hands? I spent most of my life dreaming of a time when I could concentrate all my time and effort towards my writing and due to the unfortunate realities of my life I have been granted exactly that. Yet some how I let hours, days, and weeks escape from my grasp without any real work getting completed.

I have had some productive periods this year, having not only got some real writing experience under my belt professionally but also by actually creating two very well crafted short stories and shopping them out into the market.

I am in the red zone with two more right now (although one of them feels totally wonky but that can be handled in re-write),  all I need to do is put the nose down and finish them off.

Soooo…What am I doing instead? Dreaming lazily on a stormy august afternoon thinking of the zombie movie I wrote a year ago and listening to the soundtrack I scored for it.

(see list below for Zombie movie soundtrack)

This is a total waste of my time and it is one of many things that I allow myself to get distracted by. Xbox, depression, old novels that refuse to go away and never get edited, self-loathing, projects that had their moment in the sun only to burn up under the harsh glare of its light, and then of course everyone’s favorite, pure old american procrastination.

Its no wonder why I can’t keep up the pace as far as producing original new work. : )

I love how Warren Ellis describes his creative process, it starts at 2:19. His advice to new writers trying to break into the business starts at 7:12.

Conclusion: I need to put down the ghosts and and just produce. If I don’t write there is no point.