Well they nailed me again at Clarkesworld…I am starting to believe they have my name up on a billboard and tell their editors “Just Daffy Duck his ass the minute one of his manuscripts comes up in the system”. Which would be my way of saying shoot him in the face and drop his ass immediately…:) No biggie, I got plenty of beak!

In other news…
So by way of my very talented and semi-famous significant other (which I will not name drop here because I respect her enough to not mire her in my loser slime) and a very close friend of mine who is a freelance music reporter, I have decided to go down another path. Both have suggested that I try to parlay my natural love for movies and video games into something a little more tangible in the writing business. So I am now trying my hand at freelance journalism, specifically movie and technology reviews and articles.
Living in Minneapolis is very hard for me but it is most certainly not about the amount of opportunities one can get artistically. This town is a virtual cornucopia of artistic talent and outlets, so I have hope that if given the chance I might actually get the opportunity to show off my skills in this endeavor.
Sent off my first query letter to the managing editor of our local community paper, City Pages, last night and wait in anxious apprehension for a response.
Will keep you updated!