So I finished “One More Year” 1st draft tonight.

Ten days in creation, I ran right into a wall of creative blindness towards the end. This wall; when working on larger pieces, is very familiar to me, usually heralding the abrupt end of my interest in whatever story I am working on at the time. I just couldn’t see past that one particular moment when trying to form up the entirety of a novel length work.

Working with short stories has been so completely different then my experience with trying to churn out a novel. Instead of losing interest, I find myself playing around with ideas in my head till something sorta fits. It may not match what’s going on in the story at that exact moment but once I go over the works as a whole in revision, I find that one piece does have it’s place…it just needed to be tweaked.

I honestly have no idea what the endings of my stories are gong to be till that one moment of shine and polish when suddenly it all makes sense.

Will start on revision in the morning, and hopefully will have a final draft in place by tomorrow afternoon.

After that the agonizing decision of whom to send it off to begins, the long wait for rejection or acceptance stretches out to the horizon once more and another story will hopefully form in my addled brain.

P.S. Still waiting to hear back on “PG”, the publisher did say on their website three to five weeks before it would likely be reviewed for submission.

Patience has never been my strong suit…